1-LRC 70 years celebration
1-LRC 70 years celebration

Nearer Than
When We First Believed

Dr. R. Clifford Jones, President.
Lake Region Conference.
Spring, the Season of Hope
     Officially, spring 2015 is here.   At least that’s what the calendar tells us.   There still may be a nip in the air and the trees may yet begin to turn green, but the cold and snow of winter are finally giving way to the warmth and rain of spring, and the dark, short days of winter are becoming brighter and longer.   As a consequence, soon we’ll be able to shed the heavy coats of winter for the lighter, more colorful garb of spring.   The April showers that give rise to May flowers are right around the corner.
     Winter was especially brutal where I live this year, with February 2015 going down in history as the 5th coldest on record.   Needless to say, I am thrilled that spring, which is the best time of the year as far as I am concerned, is finally here.   I love spring.   Why is spring my favorite season of the year?

     One reason I love spring is because of what it represents, and I’m not simply speaking about longer, warmer days.   Spring represents hope and rebirth—theologically and otherwise.   Spring stands for life after death, and light after greyness and drabness.   During winter nature goes to sleep, awakening in spring to newness of life.   Nature emerges from winter with energy and vigor, and in splendor.    In the spring, life returns as birds wend their way back north from the south, and flowers and foliage paint the landscape in living color.   Spring is all about resurrection, renewal, and revitalization.

     It is far from surprising that the most supernatural event to occur on earth took place in the spring.   The resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, an event that many find difficult to embrace, is an apt metaphor for the return of nature to life that takes place during this time of the year.   It was in the springtime that Jesus came back from the death and darkness of the tomb to new life, showing that life after death is not only possible but probable as well. 

     More than anything, spring is a season of hope, optimism and buoyancy.   In the springtime hope lifts our spirit and floods our mind with positive thoughts.   In spring there is a return to possibilities and potential, to what can be and ought to be.   Spring shouts, “It may be Friday, but Sunday morning’s coming.”   Where would Christians be without the hope that spring exemplifies?   The Old Testament prophet Zechariah was very much on target when he said that God’s children are “prisoners of hope” (Zech. 9:12).

     May the hope that God instills frame and form your thinking and actions not only during this beautiful season, but throughout the year.   As Jesse Jackson says,   “Keep hope alive.”

R. Clifford Jones
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